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Wild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo FactoryWild Robo Factory

Within the walls of the Wild Robo Factory machines are in command! Wild Robo Factory is a 5-reel and 25 payline online slot from Yggdrasil Gaming with a robot theme. The game comes with Symbol Swap and System Overload Features, Free Spins, Robo Wilds, and Robo Respin.

Symbols on the reels include hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades as well as different robot parts. There are 2 different Wild symbols (Robots); 2x Wilds and Regular Wilds and both of which can be stacked and 2 reels wide. Wild Robos substitute all other symbols except the Free Spin symbol.


The Robos
The game has 3 types of Robos and as long as Robos are active on the reels, a Respin is granted.

Robo Wild - Robo Wilds size varies from 1x1 symbols up to 2x4 symbols and they move by 1 position left each spin.
X2 Wild Robo - Acts like the Robo Wild but also adds an x2 Multiplier on wins it is part of.
Free Spin Robo - Free Spin Robo is always a 1x1 symbol and it can fly onto any row on the reels and moves by 1 position left each spin.

Robo Respins
Robo Respins are triggered randomly in the base game. The Respins continue until the last Robo reaches reel 1.

Symbol Swap
A low pay symbol (heart, diamond, club or spade) can randomly transform into a high pay symbol if it guarantees a win.

Free Spins
3 or more Free Spin Scatter symbols trigger Free Spins.

3 Free Spin Scatters = Free Spins +5 Robos
4 Free Spin Scatters = Free Spins +10 Robos
5 Free Spin Scatters = Free Spins +15 Robos

In Free Spins you are awarded Robos which are placed on the conveyor belt spaced 1-3 spots apart. Robos will move from right to left and when a Robo's last Wild reaches the leftmost reel, the number of Robos is decreased by 1. Free Spins end when you run out of Robos.
If Free Spin Scatters appear during the feature, the same number of Robos are added to the queue as when activating Free Spins.

System Overload

During Free Spins the conveyor belt can reverse randomly, moving all Robos backward 1-9 positions. A maximum of 4 System Overloads can be activated in a single Free Spins.

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