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Remember the 90’s classic film Jumanji? It has been unearthed yet again, this time in the form of a video slot. Jumanji is a 5-reel and 36 payline online slot from NetEnt with 4 Random Features, a Board Game with 4 different Free Spins, a Mystery Feature, Coin Wins and Extra Dice Rolls.

Symbols on the reels include J, Q, K, A and 4 different animals: pelicans, crocodiles, rhinos and lions. The Wild symbol substitutes for every other symbols except the Jumanji game box Scatter.


Random Features

Sticky Vines
If Sticky Vines feature is activated, Re-spins are awarded. During the Sticky Vines feature, all symbols that are a part of a win and all Wilds from the initial spin (even if they are not part of a win) stick to the reels and other symbols spin again. Re-spins continue until no new winning symbols stick or when the whole game area is filled.

Monsoon Wilds
Monsoon Wilds feature is randomly activated in the base game and 1 or 2 reels will be completely covered in Wilds.

Monkey Mayhem
Monkey Mayhem feature is randomly activated in the base game when the reels have stopped. Then all symbols are shuffled randomly to create a guaranteed win.

Wild Stampede
In Wild Stampede feature, rhinos will stampede across the screen adding 4-9 Wilds.

Board Game Features

Board Game
3 or more Scatter symbols activate the Bonus Board Game. The Jumanji circle appears in the centre of the screen. You'll move the token on the board by rolling the 2 dices. The number of dice rolls given for the Board Game is determined by the number of Scatters landed:

3 Scatters = 6 dice rolls
4 Scatters = 7 dice rolls
5 Scatters = 8 dice rolls

Each Free Spin feature is located at each corner of the board game. When the token lands on 1 of the 2 locations in front of the feature, that feature will be activated.

Vines Free Spins
10 Free Spins are awarded and Re-spins will be always activated if a win is present after the initial spin. 1 Free Spin can have multiple Re-spins, which work the same way as the Sticky Vines feature. Vines grab hold onto Wilds and keep them held for the duration of the Vines Free Spins feature.

Monsoon Free Spins
You are awarded 7 Free Spins. The same rules apply in Monsoon Free Spins as in Monsoon Wilds feature with the exception that the same covered reels cannot be chosen for 2 consecutive Free Spins.

Monkey Free Spins
You are awarded 6 Free Spins with the same shuffle mechanics as in the Monkey Mayhem feature.

Stampede Free Spins
You are awarded 5 Free Spins with the same meachanics as in the Wild Stampede feature.

Mystery Feature
The Mystery Feature is awarded when the token lands on the Mystery Feature location. A carousel appears within the Jumanji circle with Free Spins features, Coin Wins (x2 – x10) and 2 Extra dice rolls. You are awarded with the one that the carousel stops on.

Coin Wins
Coin win is awarded. Coin wins on the board range from x1 to x5 bet.

Extra Rolls
Extra dice roll is awarded.

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