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Casumo Hall of Gods mega jackpot

Neil from Aberdeen cracked the Hall of Gods jackpot really hard 24.11.2017 and fished out £6,373,373,23. Simply fabulous! The lucky winner is one happy man.

Neil told that he was at home in the kitchen, using his laptop while his wife and two kids were watching TV. He decided to try Casumo online casino for the first time in his life and after making his first deposit of £30, started playing some games.

“I wanted to give Casumo a go cause it looked like fun and I enjoy the buzz. I started playing some slot machines, but then I got a special bonus and decided to try Hall of Gods since the jackpot was quite inviting.”

He placed a £4 bet and before you know it, Neil hit the multi-million jackpot. Shocked, he called his wife to go take a look, but it took them a while to realise what had happened.

“When it finally sank in I called mum and dad. From my voice they knew something was up. I told them I’d won some money. Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid them on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was. They thought it was a lottery number!”

Casumo Hall of God mega jackpot

Neil is a Liverpool fan and the first thing he’s gonna do is buy himself a season ticket or a box.

“I want to buy my parents a holiday home in Tenerife. They’ll love it. And I’ll take my kids to Disney, then go and see my sister in Australia.”

When asked him which rock star or celebrity he would like to celebrate his win with Neil immediately mentioned Kasabian, Adele and Freddie Mercury. Well, that would be some kind of magic for sure!

Neil is keen on making the world a better place. He’s already a member of the Macmillan Cancer Support and he would also like to donate to charity.

Is it time to try your luck?

This is the biggest win ever recorded at Casumo, breaking  the previous record almost by double. It is also the 5th multi-million jackpot win this year at Casumo. Impressive, huh?

Are you the next winner? Try your luck now at Casumo!