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Las Vegas


It’s worth remembering that without Las Vegas there probably wouldn’t be an online casino industry today.

One man went to Sin City for four nights on a stag do. He went there bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and up for a party. He certainly got one.

He watched an 82-year old woman win a bikini contest and a 10-year old girl shoot an Ak-47 like the American Sniper. He went to a super-nightclub to watch Calvin Harris and did everything but…see Calvin Harris. He downs cocktails as a man dressed as a marshmallow entertains hundreds of clubbers and witnesses the CEO of a huge company smokes weed next to him and dance.

At 7am on two hours’ sleep he plays Blackjack next to a guy who thinks LeBron James sucks. One of his friends plays an 800 dollar hand of Blackjack and another loses the shirt off his back as far as money goes and then literally…loses his shirt.

After four nights he starts to go crazy.

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